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This Alternative Packaging Solution Is Made Entirely From Seeds, Paper and Flour

biopack packaging

As the battle against single-use, everyday plastic waste continues, solutions are always being developed to help the environment and this new sustainable packaging alternative has the ability to help fertilise your garden rather than damage it.

Biopack, created by Greek designers, George Bosnas, is a new form of sustainable packaging made entirely from paper pulp, flour, starch, and seeds, that can be placed in a garden and grow into vegetables when ready to be discarded.

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biopack packaging

George Bosnas

Biopack is a packaging alternative to plastic and cardboard designed to be ecological and sustainable on every level of its process.

The idea was developed from searching for an alternative to traditional forms of packaging, which do no require large scale manufacturing, chemical components, and most importantly, do not harm the environment.

biopack packaging

George Bosnas

Made from cleared paper pulp, flour, starch, and biological seeds, the process to create Biopack is relatively simple to follow.

Each package comes with four regular, everyday, eggs. Once you are finished with the package the idea is to break up the Biopack and plant it in the garden, or inside a pot.

In about 30 days legume vegetables will begin to grow.

The packaging is currently not yet available to buy, but could begin manufacturing by the end of the year.

For more information on Biopack packaging visit George Bosons online.

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