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BMW’s Electric Vision Motorcycle Is Straight Out Of Something From the Future

bmw electric motorbike

If you thought cars were the only ones getting environmentally friendly makeovers you’d be wrong as BMW release information on their new electrically powered motorcycle.

The German auto juggernaut unveiled the BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster, a 100% green electric motorbike, at the BMW NEXTGen event, which could point to the potential sustainable future of cars and motorbikes.

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Under a veil of secrecy for a number of years, BMW have been working steadily towards developing electric alternatives as a way to shift towards a greener business model.

They have now revealed what they have been working on.

The highly stylized new Vision DC Roadster is bathed in signature BMW colours, but the beauty is in the removal of the traditional two – cylinder boxer engine and the creation of a zero-emotion electric alternative.

For more than 90-years the BMW Motorrad has run on a two – cylinder engine, today the bikes move towards an electrified, and environmentally friendly, future.

The new electric engine will not only help reduce carbon emotions, it will allow for a smoother, more efficient ride.

Unfortunately, full details of the new bike have yet to be released, along with no specialisation feature information, or when the bikes will be available to buy.

To keep up to date with all information about the BMW electric motorbike visit BMW online.

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