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Britbox Will Be the Next Streaming Service to Combat Netflix and Amazon

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As BBC and ITV said they have enjoyed success with their BritBox streaming service in the US, talks for the service in the UK is now “in the concluding phase”.

ITV chief executive Carolyn McCall said that ITV and the BBC have a ‘joint vision’ for the service and are working on a formal agreement for the service, expected to launch later this year.

Ms McCall also played down the notion that BritBox will compete directly with Netflix, insisting that the two services would be ‘complimentary’.


Alex Litvin

The joint UK streaming service could be said to intend on taking on competition from the likes of Netflix and Amazon.

The paid service, to be called BritBox, is also expected to bring together other broadcasters to put British boxsets and original series on demand in one place.


The broadcasters said it would boast the biggest collection of British content on any streaming service and feature ‘old favourites’, recent shows and new commissions.

Nevertheless, there has been speculation from viewers on Twitter asking why they should spend money on watching old BBC shows which they had already paid for with their TV licence.


The plans come as terrestrial broadcasters face huge competition for viewers from Netflix content such as The Crown, Orange Is the New Black and Stranger Things.

BBC and ITV want viewers to pay for the subscription on top of the existing licence fee of £150.50-a-year, as well as any other video-on-demand services they pay for.

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