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This Booth Is a Soundproof Meditation Space For De-Stressing and Finding Your Zen

calm booth by room

When work is getting too much, or you are in need of a short break to catch yourself and calm down, there’s now a safe and convent place you can finally go.

The Calm Booth, created by ROOM, fuses meditation and privacy to offer a relaxing space for stressed-out individuals to visit in the office, at university or school.

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The clean, crisp and white coloured booth features everything you’d want from a space dedicated to mediation and privacy.

There’s a frosted door, three-layers of soundproofing materials to help exclude any external noise, a comfortable seat, built-in ethernet port, motion-enabled lighting, ventilation and a small desk area.

The booth also has ability to pair with the application Calm, the number one app for sleep, mediation, and relaxation.

Each booth comes with 12 complimentary premium subscriptions to Calm, which can play relaxing nature sounds, music, nap stories, and audio from mindfulness experts using the internal wireless speakers.

The most important feature, however, is the booth has been made using over 1,000 recycled plastic bottles, to help further encourage a mindful and healthy vibe.

The Calm Booth by Room is currently priced at £4,000, and is available to buy at Room online.

For more information on the Calm Booth by Room visit Room online.

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