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Need a Nap During Work? You Can Now Rent a Nook to Catch-Up on Those Lost ZZZ’s

casper nap room

Ever needed to close your eyes and catch up on some lost sleep while at work or running errands in the city? You will now be able to thanks to this fab new nap room idea.

We could all use a little bit of a break sometimes.

Understanding this issue, mattress designers Casper have created a relaxing nap room called the Casper Dreamery, where people who are lacking the necessary energy and sleep can go to grab a quick nap, recharge and attack the rest of the day.

casper nap room


Located in Soho, New York, the Dreamery was designed by Casper’s in-house team and in collaboration with architectural fiim Hollwich Kushner.

The Dreamery was created with the aim of providing a place for guests to rest and relax during long, often busy, days in the city.

How it works?

The process of grabbing some extra ZZZ’s is relativity simple.

Just book a nap session for £19, which lasts 45-minutes.

Before entering the nap room you will be able to wind down and change into some pj’s in a comfortable lounge area.

When ready, guest enter a Casper nook, a private, quiet pod with a very comfortable bed, and drift off to the land of nod.

Once the 45-minutes is over guests will have a chance to freshen up and enjoy a tea or coffee before embracing the rest of the day, or night.

Casper aim to open more Dreamery locations soon.

For more information on the Dreamery or Casper visit online.

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