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Celery Has Become Flavour of the Month Across Cocktail Circles

celery cocktail ideas

It’s has been an essential aspect of healthy diets for centuries, but now celery is making a push as the go-to ingredient for trendy cocktail recipes.

The simple snack, perfect for those looking for an all-natural, health boost, has featured in cocktails like bloody marry’s for years, but it has now become one of the trendiest ingredients helping to create some delicious summer cocktails.

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celery cocktail ideas


When you think of celery, you think of something you chop-up for a salad, use to dip into sauces like Tzatziki, hummus, or salsa.

The world of cocktail making have found another use for the vegetable.

Celery cocktail ideas like “Ants Analog”, which is contains celery bitters, sherry and rum, or the “Alligator Arms” that combines celery in syrup, dry vermouth, lime juice and a drop of absinthe, are delicious sounding examples of what is being made around the cocktail world.

The possibilities are endless, and they don’t have to be packed with alcohol either, they can be non-alcoholic mocktails.

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