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The V&A’s New Christian Dior Collection Celebrates Haute Couture and Vintage Design

christian dior v&a collection

It doesn’t matter if you are a diehard fashion aficionado or just someone who has a fleeting interest, the latest exhibition at the V&A in London transcends all categories with a stunning new collection devoted to the legendary Christian Dior.

The Victoria and Albert museum has held countless exhibitions dedicated to some of the world’s most iconic and revered designers. From Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up to Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Displays, the V&A has always been one of the largest cultural hubs for fashion and design.

This year’s is no different with a new exhibition dedicated to the French designer, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams.

From the likes of Princess Margaret’s 21st birthday dress to Rihanna’s iconic Cannes Film Festive look, limited Miss Dior perfume bottles and original Dior sketches, the new exhibition has something for everyone to enjoy.


christian dior v&a collection


The exhibition offers visitors a chance to see over 200 rare haute couture garments and accessories drawn from the V&A’s extensive couture collection and their extensive Dior archives, featuring a wide range items.

The exhibition features stunning one-of-a-kind garments alongside accessories, fashion photography, film reels, vintage perfume, original makeup designs, illustrations, magazine covers and even features some of Christian Dior’s personal items.

The event is currently running until 14 July in the Sainsbury Gallery of the V&A.

For more information on booking tickets to see the exhibition visit the V&A online.