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For Their 100 Year Anniversary Citroën Celebrates by Revealing a Revolutionary New Concept Car

With cars undergoing a dramatic shift from their gas-guzzling past to a more environmentally friendly model, a completely new concept is set to hit the roads that is all about accessibility, convenience and sustainability – plus you won’t need to have passed a test to drive it.

Always at the forefront of producing charming, unconventional, occasionally awkward, evocative, but almost always memorable cars, Citroën have unveiled a concept car targeted at a new generation of drivers.

As part of their 100 year anniversary, the French car manufacturer revealed their latest vehicle – the Ami One Concept – at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and it is very different from any car ever seen before as it doesn’t require drivers to have passed a driving test to use it.

The new car retains all the typical characteristics of previous Citroën cars while embracing a fresh take on easy to use, simple urban transport.


What is the Ami-One?

Designed as a 2-seat, all-electric urban mobility vehicle, the alternative mini runnabout not only removes the traditional car engine, but has been created to be driven without a driver’s license.

Building upon the rise of on-demand rental services, Citroën hopes the Ami-One becomes an option for anyone looking for a car, whether it be for a quick drive or a 5-year long term lease.


How it works?

Similar to popular application-operated, on-demand urban scooters or bike rental schemes, the Ami-One’s doors lock and unlock via a QR code on a smartphone.

While inside, the car has a dedicated space outfitted with a charging area for passengers to place their phones, while also connecting drivers to the vehicles features such as radio, music, phone calls and voice-activated car options.

The all-electric ride is also complemented by a whole collection of lifestyle accessories designed in partnership with French designer, Damien Béal, including luggage, a backpack that will fit in the storage space in front of the passenger seat, a shopping basket, and a travel bag.

The best of all features is, because of its size and speed limitations, the Ami-One does not require users to have a license.

Anyone 16 or older can use the vehicle, in Europe, offering a safer and more comfortable option to two-wheeled vehicles sharing the road with full-sized automobiles.

Citroën hope to introduce the Ami-One  between 2020 and 2025.

For more information visit Citroën online.

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