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Paros Is Set To Become the First Mediterranean Island To be 100 Per Cent Plastic – Free

clean blue paros project
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The idyllic island of Paros, situated in the picturesque Greek Cycladic region, has revealed it will soon be known not just for its stunning crystal blue waters and all – white architecture, but also impeccable environmental standards.

The island is part of a programme called the Clean Blue Paros Project, which is part of the wider UK – Based Clean Blue Alliance Project organisation who are on a mission to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans around the world, hoping to make the holiday hot – spot a plastic – free zone within as little as three years.

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clean blue paros project


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Clean Blue Paros is the world’s first project tackling the plastic waste problem using an holistic approach.

The eco-focused project plans to completely remove plastic waste from the island, making it 100 per cent clean from the harmful environmentally harmful material.

The population of the island is only 13,000, but it welcomes over 400,000 tourists every summer during the holiday season. The vast majority of plastic waste found in the Mediterranean is linked to the tourism industry.

clean blue paros project


Clean Blue Paros first step is to phase out plastic straws, then plans to the wholesale removal of plastic on the island by overhauling the waste management systems, eradicating problem plastic from current circulation, changing local government legislation to the use of plastic, and educating residents on alternative eco-friendly practices.

The ultimate goal of this project is to set an example of what can be achieved on a small – scale and then grow the practices to larger communities.

For more information on the Clean Blue Paros Project, visit Clean Blue Alliance online.

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