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Coca-Cola Reveal A New Range of Spirit Mixers Perfect For A Party Weekend

When it comes to reinventing the wheel Coca – Cola are always trying new things, and the fizzy drinks specialists have unveiled a new range of mixers designed to be combined with spirits.

The soft drinks company have teamed up with four leading bartenders to create a new range of mixers designed to enhance and improve your spirit drinking experience, plus they come in some truly unique bottles.

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coca cola mixers

Coca – Cola

Sometimes there’s nothing better than relaxing with a refreshing drink, it is a great way to unwind after a long day, or relax with friends and family.

That feeling could now be enhance even more thanks to a range of specially crafted mixers, designed to be enjoyed with dark spirit drinks.

The Coca – Cola Signature Mixers collection, which is the first time the international drinks giant has released beverages specifically designed to be used to mix with alcohol, features four expertly crafted flavours, chosen by some of the world’s most innovative mixologiests.

coca cola mixers

Coca – Cola

The flavours

smokey notes

An intensely aromatic blend of smokey notes perfect for deep, spiced rums and premium whisky.

By Max Venning.

SPICY notes

Blends lime, ginger, jalapeno, rosemary, and aromatic jasmine that combines well with rums, tequilas, and whisky.

By Adriana Chia and Pippa Guy.

Herbal notes

A floral, crisp, and tart max suited to whisky and most light rums.

By Antonio Naranjo.

woody notes

Crafted from patchouli, citrusy yuzu, and aromatic basil.

By Alex Lawrence.

coca cola mixers

Coca – Cola

The collection will also come in very unique Hutchinson bottles, which were first used by the soft drink giants back in 1916. Each bottle will also feature its own bespoke colour scheme.

The spirit mixer range will be available to buy in most drinks retailers in June 2019.

For more information on the mixer range visit Coca – Cola online.

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