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This Umbrella Will Help Make Carrying A Latte In The Rain A Whole Lot Easier

Ever tried to carry a coffee while holding an umbrella and battling the wintry elements? It is a constant juggling act which could be about to become a whole lot easier to endure.

The Coffee Loving Umbrella from EK Design is an everyday umbrella with an coffee-cup rim integrated into the handle to help make sure lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos and other hot drinks are never lost to accidental drops again.

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coffee loving umbrella

EK Design

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Everyone has been there, walking in the rain, balancing a coffee under an arm, holding shopping bags in one hand and and the umbrella with other. Then, all of a sudden, a gust of wind catches you be surprise, making you drop everything, including that warm coffee.

Those awkward scenarios could be about to change.

The Coffee Loving Umbrella isn’t revolutionary, rather, it’s a genius, yet simple, solution to solving the annoying balancing act forced upon those attempting to carry everything from hot drinks, bags and an umbrella when walking in difficult weather conditions.

Users simply slot their coffee cup into the holder attached to the umbrella and now have two free hands to hold the umbrella, bags and other essentials.

The Coffee Loving Umbrella is priced at £29.99 , with additional delivery charges, and is available to order at EK Design online.

For more information on the Coffee Loving Umbrella visit EK Design online.

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