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A Pillow Exists to Help Prevent Snuggling Couples from Getting Pins and Needles

coodle pillow

Every couple, whether it’s a romantic movie night in or late night cuddles in bed, has endured someone ending up with pins and needles in their arm, it’s an uncomfortable byproduct of snuggling, but that could soon change.

The Coodle pillow potentiality offers an answer to all those dead limbs and shortened cuddle sessions, with its simple and comfortable solution that frees arms from painful losses of feeling.

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coodle pillow

Coodle Pillow

The genius pillow is so simple we wish we had thought of it.

The Coodle lets couples spoon or get close when watching a movie, and your arm won’t fall asleep – which always happens and cuts short any cosy time spent together.

The pillow can also be used to help prob your head up when you are reading or working at a desk, and for when you are in search of a comfortable pillow to rest your head on for an afternoon nap.

The inventive pillow is made from soft cushioned material, has an arch-shaped form, and is braced to make sure it maintains its helpful shape, guaranteeing your arm is free from pins and needles pain.

The Coodle pillow is priced at £50.54, with additional delivery costs added at checkout, and are available at Coodle online.

For more information on the Coodle pillow visit Coodle online or their Facebook page.

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