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This Simple Soap Bar Transforms Into a Good Luck Charm Once It Has Been Used

coronavirus future soap

As the Coronavirus continues to transform our lives, this bar of soap aims to provide those cleaning their hands regularly with a decorative reward.

The future soap explores how everyone’s lives have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, and how our cleaning habits will now change to safeguard our future.

The unique soap transforms from a simple bar into a wall-mounted decoration piece or lucky charm once finished, presenting users with a long-lasting reminder to stay safe and new way to look at an otherwise everyday, throwaway product.

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coronavirus future soap

Bezalel Incubator

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The duel-purpose coronavirus future soap has been described as an exploration of new symbolism in the post-COVID-19 era.

The innovative idea points to a new world where hygiene and washing your hands regularly will become vitally important to your, and other peoples, survival against the Coronavirus and other similar viruses.

Once the soap has been used, the red rope it’s attached to can either be used as a decorative feature or lucky charm, aiming to reinforce the importance of being clean.

It serves as a reminder to always wash your hands and aims to give staying clean a new meaning.

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