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Costa Coffee reveal a new contactless reusable cup

Costa Coffee are rolling out a new smart reusable cup that’ll simplify buying hot drinks on the go.

The UK’s largest coffee chain is leading the charge against single-use cups with a smart reusable cup called: “The Clever Cup” that will not only hold your hot drink, but it will also pay for it too.

Partnering with Barclays bank, Costa has developed a cup featuring a chip at its base that is powered by bpay – a Barclays contactless payment product.

How it works?

bPay is a prepaid contactless chip that works with most UK registered Visa or Mastercard debit/credit cards, not just Barclays account holders.

Simply download the free bPay app onto your iOS or Android smartphone and link your Visa/Mastercard bank credit/debit card to it.

You can track your spending on the app and top it up as and when. There is also the option of auto top-up when your balance dips below a pre-set amount.

You are not restricted to using the cup in Costa shops, the cup will work anywhere that offers a contactless payment system.

The Clever Cup is available in all Costa stores UK wide and costs £14.99, with a £1 donation from every sale going to The Costa Foundation – whose goal is to relieve poverty in coffee-growing communities.

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