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Costa Rica Are Set to Become the World’s First Plastic-Free and Carbon Neutral Country

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Costa Rica has revealed they are set to become the first country to exclusively use renewable energy to power its electricity grid and completely eradicate single-use plastic from everyday life.

The small Caribbean nation is already in the top five of countries leading an environmental and sustainable push towards embracing renewable energy sources, and now Costa Rica will be the first country in the world to become not only carbon neutral, but plastic-free as well.

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Since 2016, Costa Rica, who have a population of 4.8 million, has managed to generated 99 per cent of its electricity energy from renewable sources, including wind, water, and solar power.

The country currently has the largest hydroelectric plant in Central America, in addition to seven wind turbine plants, and a solar farm. All contributing sustainably produced energy to the countries electrical grid.

Costa Rica is one of the many countries in the world who are rich in biodiversity, but one of the few to take the long-sighted view of safeguarding that precious environmental diversity and allowing it to grow and thrive with eco-friendly policies.

The country are also closing in on an ambition mission to remove all single-use plastics by 2021. The aim was to have plastic replaced by recyclable or biodegradable alternatives and they are on track to becoming the first country in the world to have removed all single-use plastics from everyday life.

They have not only cultivated sustainable and renewable energy practices along with removing harmful single-use plastics, but also pursed reforestation and designated large areas of land – environmental habitats for local wildlife to live.

For more information on the Costa Rica carbon neutral police visit Costa Rica IEA online.

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