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Prosecco and Pears Combine to Create the Perfect Summer Refresher

crispin cider co pearsecco

The sun might still be hiding behind clouds and the temperature remains around the single digits, but summer is almost here and we might have found the perfect drink to enjoy the season.

Crispin Cider Co have just revealed Pearsecco, a cider and prosecco fusion that’s guaranteed to be this summers number one tipple to enjoy with friends and family.

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crispin cider co pearsecco

Crispin Cider Co

Summer is about embracing sunshine, enjoying time with friends and family, and spending long days relaxing outdoors. This new summertime flavour is guaranteed to help make this year an unforgettable one.

Pearsecco is a marriage of pear-based cider and a bubbly prosecco taste.

The mashup is 4.5 ABV and offers a unique, crisp, and dry drink, perfect for those long summer days.

The delightful tipple is best served cold and has a very simple flavour profile of subtle pear notes and a refreshing light prosecco tartness.

The bubbly concoction is available to buy now and comes in single cans or a 12-can variety pack of three flavours, pearsecco plus rose and brut ciders.

For more information on Pearsecco visit Crispin Cider CO online.

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