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Learn How to Play over 100 Musical Instruments with This Revolutionary Cube

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Learning to play a musical instrument is a challenging exercise, it’s a long process, and one most never fully complete, but there could soon be a simpler way of learning, and learning more than one instrument at a time.

All those hours spent reading books, watching YouTube videos and paying for lessons could soon be a thing of the past courtesy of an impressive multi – sided, 3D – printed cube called Cuebe which aims to revolutionise the we learn how to play musical instruments.

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cuebe musical instrument


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Music is a beautiful way to positively connect people and inventor Ravi Ruparel and sound engineer, Jakub Benacka, hope the Cuebe can achieve that.

Building on the development of sample-based machines and synthesisers made by the likes of Yamaha and Rolandin, the Cuebe allows users to learn how to play over 100 different instruments on a muli-purpose, electronic piano-esq cube.

Using its three-octave scale laid out across its six sides, each key on the Cuebe is linked to acoustics and electronic sounds of the likes of a piano, electric guitar, synthesisers and various percussion and orchestral instruments.

cuebe musical instrument


The Cuebe’s 3D-printed design allows users to touch and play one of 37 different keys which all individually trigger a note from a library of over 100 sound samples.

The standard Cuebe is aimed at families and musical beginners, while a pro version targets those looking for recording studio standard and live performances.

The Cuebe is still in development but more information can be found at Cuebe online.

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