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Heat From the London Underground Is Helping to Keep the Nation’s Capital Warm

cullinan studio underground energy
© Bunhill 2 Energy Centre

The city of London is making an environmental breakthrough by transforming excess heat generated by the underground system into energy to heat homes.

The Bunhill 2 Energy Centre, which occupies the site of an abandoned City Road station on the Northern Line, is converting excess heat captured from the underground system to provide heat and hot water to thousands of homes in the UK’s capital.

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cullinan studio underground energy

Bunhill 2 Energy Centre

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With environmental issues continuing to grip the planet, finding new, greener, ways of generating energy have become increasingly important.

The Bunhill 2 Energy Centre, which was commissioned by Ramboll and backed by the Islington council, claims to be the first heat network of its kind in the world.

The energy centre was designed by Cullinan Stuido and is covered in prefabricated panels, which are mounted on a glazed brick base. The striking finish on the building was designed to offer something different to conventional civic industrial buildings.

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cullinan studio underground energy

Bunhill 2 Energy Centre

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The building offers a robust, long-lasting structure, ideal for those looking to create a green energy solution in the city.

The cladding surrounding the building has been made using prefabricated panels, to help provide removable fittings to accommodate the need for renovations, additions or maintenance.

It also ensured construction was quick and reduced disruption to the local area.

The panels are also graffiti and damage resistant, and have been given an added layer of life with artwork provided by Toby Paterson.

The centre provides heating and hot water for hundreds of homes and other public buildings in the Borough of Islington – helping to reduce household energy bills, carbon emissions and air pollution.

The ground-breaking energy project works by relying on a large underground fan that extracts the hot air from the Northern Line tube tunnels. That air is then used to heat water which is then filtered out around the local area.

The Bunhill 2 project is the second phase of Islington Council’s Bunhill heat and power scheme, an initiative established in 2012 to help warm 800 homes and two leisure centres using green energy.

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