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These Simple Desk Toys Have Been Reimagined to Suit the 24/7 Work Culture

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Everyone has experienced some level of stress or boredom while at work, it’s inevitable in today’s working hyper-pressurised culture, these simple desk toys want to stave off those feelings.

Product designer Keyi Chen has managed to recreate a range of nostalgic 90’s desk toys with a unique 21st century twist that help people to finally take a step back from their work, take a breath and relax.

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The new range is called the Inte-rest-ing series and has been designed to offer stressed-out workers a range of helpful tools to disconnect from the day-to-day grind and embrace a new joy of being at work, even if it’s for just a few moments.

Offices around the world are filled with workers glued to their desks, never able to just be. The collection is a simple response to that 24/7 working culture everyone exists in.

These desk toy ideas include five office items. The first is a fan activated when you breath into it, a calculator that allows you to play a hidden game using a secret switch.

A mouse which can sense when you are bored and sends you an email with a cute fortune cookie that’ll redirect you to a random website or topic for you to read. There is also a USB stick that you have to squeeze to use and a pen which doubles as a rattle.

The entire collection was made using a 3D printer and completely customised electronics. The desk toy ideas series unfortunately is still in the design phase, so they are not available to buy, yet.

To keep up to date on everything about the Inte-rest-ing collection follow Chen on Instagram or visit her website.

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