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Dior Are Doing Their Part To Help The Environment With a Set of Luxury Reusable Straws

Dior are trying to do their part to eradicate harmful plastics from the planet with their own set of hand-crafted reusable straws, which are of course not your typical straws.

The luxury fashion house are attempting to save the environment, at any cost, with the release of the Dior reusable floral straws, which despite the price tag, look decidedly beautiful.

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dior reusable floral straws


Reusable straws have become a must-have accessory for every day life.

The push to transform our lives into ones that help rather than hinder the environment has gone into overdrive in recent years.

Whether it be reusable cups to eradicate single-use plastics, bags-for-life for daily shopping trips, or a adopting different eating habits from veganism to vegetarianism to help cut the pollution created by eating processed meats.

The Dior reusable floral straws and could take the crown as the most expensive, at an eye-watering £120 for a set of six, and also the most luxurious environmentally friendly accessory to help you make a sustainable effort.

The iconic French designers Toile de Jouy reusable straws are all individually hand-painted and are made using hand-made blown glass, making each straw completely unique.

The straws come in either solid cold colour or with a lovely golden spiral down the length of the straw.

The box they come in is also very Dior, with stunning intricate floral designs covering the entire container.

The price of a set of Dior Floral reusable straws is £120 and are available at Dior online.

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