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This Park Has Painted Circles On the Grass To Ensure Social Distancing is Maintained During the Coronavirus Pandemic

domino park painted circles
© Domino Park, Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Domino park has made the first move in safeguarding people post-coronavirus lockdown by marking safe distances for people to maintain social distancing.

In an effort to help keep large groups of people safe and maintain a level of social distancing, New York City has painted white circles on the grass of Brooklyn’s Domino Park to give visitors a visual guide of safe relaxing areas.

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domino park painted circles

Domino Park, Brooklyn

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As the world continues to contend with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent easing of the lockdown, cities and local authorities are taking important steps to avoid a second spike of the virus outbreak.

With people now able to leave their homes, meet-up with friends and family, and generally enjoy everyday activities, albeit in a slightly abbreviated fashion, cities and communities are making every effort to provide social distancing measures.

The privately owned Domino Park, which overlooks the stunning Manhattan skyline, houses a five-acre area and features water fountains, a fog bridge, and courts for bocce and vollyball, has painted a collection of circles – spaced six feet apart – on the grass to indicate the safe distances people can be at while relaxing during the warm summer months.

The initiative is the first in the city, with more expected to follow in a similar fashion not just in New York, but across the world.

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