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Hotel Chocolat Is Now Selling Easter Egg Sandwiches

© Hotel Chocolat

If you just can’t wait to crack into your Easter egg this year, chances are you probably didn’t see this coming. Easter egg sandwiches are now a thing and yes, they are completely made from chocolate.

Devised by chocolatier Hotel Chocolat, they not only look like a real visual talking point but come in a variety of crazy flavours.

There’s the respectable sounding Cookie Dough and Ice Cream and Chocolate Spread flavour… and then there’s Caromayo Caramel Chocolate and Lamb and Mint Chocolate.

Before anyone panics too much, there’s a lot of clever play in the words.

The Easter Egg Sandwiches come in little boxes for £10 each

Lamb and Mint isn’t quite the dinnertime treat you might imagine but actually a little chocolate lamb with Tasmanian peppermint oil, luscious white and crispy feuilletine.

Similarly, Caramayo features no mayonaise but lashings of cocoa butter and caramel.

Each product has been devised by 3D printing real wholemeal bread and then packaging it up in a little sandwich box.

It’s the perfect lighthearted Easter gift idea, perfect for fans of Easter chocolate, lunchtime sandwiches and breakfast butties alike!

Easter Egg Sandwiches are now available for £10 from Hotel Chocolat. 

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