There Could Be A New Echo Falls Launch Soon for A Rosé Wine and Gin Fusion

© Image / Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

After a long week of work and laborious routine nothing sounds better than the words “I brought wine”, or at least that’s what Echo Falls the wine brand affirms.

With a range of fruit fusions, varietal wine, vodka and 0% sparkling, there really is an Echo Falls for any occasion and taste.

Echo Falls is the joyfully sassy and spontaneously sociable wine brand which after their recent re-brand has taken the internet world by storm with Love Island stars such as Laura Anderson getting featured on their Instagram page.

Nevertheless, rumour now has it for another exciting launch from the wine brand and this time it’s all about wine and gin. Case in point is the alleged release of the Echo Falls Rosé Wine and Gin Fusion as per a NisaLocally promotion released earlier this week.

echo falls rose gin fusion

Echo Falls Rose Wine & Gin Fusion

The hype over gin and wine coinciding is only becoming more real as we have seen gin bottled in wine shaped bottles as seen by the likes of Lind and Lime Gin, but also gin and wine combined in a tipple such as Aldi’s Sorgin Gin, so it could only escalate from there.

Regardless of whether the rumours are true or not, gin and wine lovers are called to watch this space for any updates to not miss out.

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