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This Eco-Friendly Rooftop Garden Is a Feast For the Senses

eco friendly roof garden
© Piuarch

In the heart of Milan, a stunning roof garden exists filled with edible flowers and plants, helping people relax and forget about all of their daily stresses.

Designed and created by architecture studio, Piuarch, the unique garden sits nestled atop a building in the Brera district of the northern Italian city and is filled with a modular styling that features a host of fruit, veg, and edible plants – making it both a visual and mouthwatering masterpiece.

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eco friendly roof garden


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Known for their collaborations with luxury fashion houses including Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, and Gucci, Piuarch are also highly engaged in creating innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly designs.

The roof top garden uses a collection of recycled wooden pallets, which form a modular system for a walkway and also containers for the edible plants and flowers. Using the modular pallets means the designers, and those using the garden, offset any energy use, making sure the garden is completely carbon neutral.

eco friendly roof garden


Once the garden’s structure was created, landscape designer Cornelius Gavril, went to work on planting organic seed and fertiliser. The designer planted a variety of fruit trees – plum, fig, peach, mandarin orange, and lemon – rich vegetables including tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, peppers, chillies, and lettuce – and a range of edible flowers.

To complete the garden, and to increase its overall visual impact, ornamental flowers were planted.

To view the eco friendly roof garden in its complete beauty, visit Piuarch online.

For more information on the edible eco friendly roof garden visit Piuarch online.

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