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The Esse Lamp Tells a Creative Story Of What Can Be Made During the Coronavirus Restrictions

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In an effort to stay creative amid the restrictive Coronavirus pandemic, a pair of small creative business have designed a range of unique lamps using only the materials and resources available to them during the lockdown.

Italian creatives Plato Design and Sign Press came together during the COVID-19 lockdown to collaborate on the Esse Lamp – a range of simple home lights made using the few materials and tools available to the teams during the difficult period.

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esse lamp

Plato Design

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The global coronavirus outbreak has limited a number of industries, or ground them to a complete stop in some cases.

The virus has driven creatives to become more inventive with how they continue their work. Whether it is musicians and actors organising streaming events or teachers putting on zoom lessons. The world has had to adapt, and that is what Plato Design have done with the ESSE collection – demonstrating what can be created with limited resources while also potentially pointing to the future of design.

esse lamp

Plato Design

The ESSE lamps are made from cement and have been cut into a half-cylinder shapes. It includes a deconstructed light bulb element and informal wiring to add to the basic aesthetic it is attempting to create.

The lamps also come in a variety of colours; grey, red and yellow.

For each lamp sold, Plato Design will donate half of the sale to the World Health Organisation and UNICEF foundations supporting those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The ESSE Lamp is available to order via Indiegogo, where there are a range of perks available starting at £63.

For more information on the Esse Lamp visit Indiegogo online.

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