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Plastic Straws, Plates and Cutlery Are All Set to Be Banned in the EU

european plastic ban

With the environment, and how best we preserve our lovely planet, at the forefront of all of our minds new European legislation could be the first big first step in changing the health of the world.

Plastic plates, straws, cutlery, and a host of other single-use plastics will soon be a thing of the past when visiting 28 countries within the European Union after the E.U. approved a new law banning the harmful material.

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european plastic ban


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Over the past few years, airlines, hotel chains, governments and retailers have pledged to either drastically cut or completely remove the volume of single-use plastics in their business.

Now, those independent moves will become a legal requirement courtesy of the new EU law that’ll ban a host of single-use plastics that are most commonly found polluting oceans and beaches around the globe.

The new legislation will go into effect in 2021 and cover all E.U member countries. Unfortunately, the new law does not ban all plastic items, such as drink bottles, but does mandate that all plastic bottles need to be made with 30 percent recycled material by 2030.

For more information on the new legislation visit Bloomberg online.

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