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These Reusable Coffee Pods Could Dramatically Reduce Household Waste and Be The Future of Home Brewing

evergreen reusable coffee pod
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To help households reduce the volume of single-use waste they produce when brewing their favourite cup of coffee, a company have developed a completely environmentally friendly and sustainable reusable coffee pod.

Evergreen have created a range of simple and easy to use eco-friendly stainless steel capsules, suitable for both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines, that could help cut down on the millions of kilograms of waste coffee pods produce around the world each year.

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According to research carried out by Halo, 39,000 capsules are made worldwide every minute, with 29,000 dumped into landfills across the globe during the same amount of time.

Each year, and estimated 20 billion coffee capsules are produced each year with 15 billion thrown away – causing untold damage to precious ecosystems.

Evergreen’s stainless steel capsules aim to reduce that avoidable waste with their 100 per cent sustainable reusable pods.

The capsules come in a variety of sizes, capable of fitting most modern coffee pod-based machines.

The process of filling them is simple. Fill the capsules with freshly ground coffee, tamper down to make sure it is compact, and close the lid over.

Once ready, place the capsule into the machine as normal and brew the coffee. Once finished, remove the capsule, empty the used coffee, clean and repeat the process when the urge for another cup strikes.

Prices for the evergreen reusable coffee pod range from £23.95 for a single capsule, £39.19 for a twin-pack, and £51.39 for three capsules. Evergreen coffee also offer a variety of coffee accessories including a tamper. All are available from Evergreen coffee online.

For more information on the Evergreen reusable coffee pod range visit Evergreen coffee online.

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