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Take a Tour Around this Cluster of Recycled Floating Islands For Lounging and Enjoying the Water

Floating Copenhagen Islands
© Marshall Blecher & Studio Fokstrot

A cluster of artificial islands are set to appear in Copenhagen’s harbour for a project focused on bringing wildness and fun to the Scandinavian country.

Designed by Australian architecture firm Marshall Blecher, in collaboration with Danish firm Studio Fokstrot, the unique mini-islands have been made from recycled materials and aim to offer visitors unique places for relaxing and entertaining.

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Floating Copenhagen Islands

Marshall Blecher & Studio Fokstrot

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The unique project is part of a wider initiative by the city of Copenhagen to offer more green escapes for people to enjoy.

The city is aiming to become greener and more focused on helping the environment than contributing to global warming.

The project follows on the success of a prototype artificial island project, which was launched in 2018 where the islands hosted talks, a photography exhibition and picnics.

The 2020 version will not host events and talks, rather it will be focused on relaxation and calming.

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Floating Copenhagen Islands

Marshall Blecher & Studio Fokstrot

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The islands will provide platforms for relaxing, fishing, picnicking, entertaining and watching the world go by.

The islands will be anchored to the harbour floor to help keep them safe and not float away, and they will all be made using recycled steel and timber.

The archipelago of floating mini-parks will be accessible by boat, kayak or just swimming up to them.

The archipelago floating Copenhagen islands project was a finalist for the Beazley Designs of the Year award, and hopes to expands to other parts of the country in the near future.

For more information on the Floating Copenhagen Islands visit Marshall Blecher or Studio Fokstrot online.

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