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A Father and Son Have Built 50,000 New Beehive Colonies Around the World

flow hive
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To help protect and grow the world’s declining bee populations, two men have embarked on an amazing initiate to build new homes for bees.

The Father and son duo of Stuart and Cedar Anderson have developed a new bee house, call the Flow Hive, which offers a unique home for vulnerable bees and provides beekeepers with a safe and efficient way of collection honey.

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In the past, bees were disturbed, crushed or made homeless by beekeepers when the time came to harvesting honey. The Flow Hive makes sure both bee and beekeeper are safe and looked after, without any disruption.

The Flow Hive is a flat-pack kit and includes everything from jars, pipes, wooden hive, and BPA and BPS – free plastic cells – on which the bees build their combs on.

flow hive

Flow Hive

The structure around the combs resembles a small home with clear windows for beekeepers to keep and eye on the honey production.

Once the honey is ready, the plastic cells have a pair of caps, which function as taps, that once they have been removed, allow the collected honey to flow into waiting jars.

The hive has been designed so no bees are hurt during the honey collection process. When the caps have been clicked open for honey collection, little gaps open up for the bees to hang out of while their honey flows into the jars.

The entire process removes all invasive practices traditionally associated with beekeeping and honey collection, whilst also providing a safe environment for bees and beekeepers to live in harmony together.

flow hive

Flow Hive

In 2015, the innovative new hive was the most-popular crowd-funded campaigns in Indiegogo’s history, raising over £12 million. Since then, Flow Hive have distributed over 51,000 hives around the world, inspiring people to take up beekeeping and help increase the honey bee population by an amazing 10 per cent.

The Flow Hives can be purchased for £584, with additional delivery costs added, from Flow Hive online.

For more information on the bee hives visit Flow Hive online.

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