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Treat Your Home To An All-Natural Update With Forest London

forest london plant shop
© Forest London

As the summer months continue to shine, homes are increasingly embracing an all-natural way of living by transforming their homes into indoor jungles.

Forest London are aiming to help people find the perfect leafy combination to give their homes that perfect green aesthetic, offering a range of house plants, cut flowers, succulents and all-natural mood enhancers.

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forest london plant shop

Forest London

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Today, more than ever, people are looking to embrace a cleaner, greener and more natural way of living. Choosing to shun traditional decorating methods, instead focusing on filling homes with plants, succulents and indoor greenery.

Forest London aim to offer a comprehensive array of indoor and outdoor plants to help homes on their nature-first journey.

The London-based brand has two stores, Deptford and Dulwich, and offer hand picked, easy to care for plants.

In their East Dulwich and Deptford stores, they offer a free potting service and will match your plants with a suitable pot or planter and will also offer gardening novices guides and tips on how to look after each plant properly.

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Forest London

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To compliment their stunning array of plants, Forest also stock a range of lifestyle and natural spa products to add an extra layer of all-natural luxury to homes.

Forest London also hold a wide range of classes to help green-fingered lovers get to grips with their leafy friends.

The classes range from terrarium building, plant potting, flower arranging, candle making, and modern calligraphy, plus a host of others.

All the classes are held in a relaxing environment inside the Depford store, where students will be able to shop for new plant additions post-the classes.

To view the full list of classes on offer visit Forest London online.

For more information on the Forest London plant shop visit Forest London online.

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