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The French Spritz Is the Hot New Cocktail Trend You Need to Know about This Summer

french spritz cocktail

Move over Aperol Spritz, there’s a new refreshing summer drink primed to take over 2019.

Introducing, the French Spritz, a combination of St – Germain Spritz, champagne, and sparkling water, with a garnish of lemon twist, which is coming to a beer garden, BBQ event, or a post-work drinks night out near you this summer – and it does sound and look completely irresistible.

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french spritz cocktail


Aperol Spritz lovers rest assured, the orangery delight is not disappearing, not by any means, it is just getting an upgrade for 2019.

The French Spritz is an effortless creation that requires just three simple ingredients to make – perfect for those last minute summer parties or garden gatherings.

The main feature of the French Spirtz is St – Germain, a Parisian liqueur made from elderflower, offering delicate and fresh flower notes.

Champagne , or prosecco, is then added for style and substance, followed by a topping of soda water to give it that refreshing, and smooth, taste.

To complete the drink a lemon twist offers that perfect amount of zest and zing to make it a drink you’ll never want to put down.

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