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Amazon Announce a New Program To Donate All Unsold Items to Charities

fulfilled by amazon donations

Amazon have revealed they’re planning to reduce the volume of waste they produce each year with a new initiative aimed at not only helping the environment but charities as well.

The worlds largest online retailer unveiled the “Fulfilled by Amazon Donations program”, which will see the company donate all unsold goods to charities, rather than letting them contribute to environmental waste by being thrown away.

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fulfilled by amazon donations


Amazon were recently critisied when it was revealed they throw away millions of unsold items each year, contributing to the global crisis of plastic and environmental waste.

To curb the alarming volume of waste produced each year, the retailer is introducing the fulfilled by amazon donations program.

Across the United States and UK the online retailer will donate all of its unsold items from third-party sellers, who store their inventory with the company, to charity.

The initiative is set to begin 1 September, with donating unsold products becoming the default option for all sellers when they sign-up to use Amazon as their online retailer.

The unsold items will be distributed to nonprofits such as Newlife and Barnardos.

The end game for Amazon is to reduce the harmful waste it produces each year and allow sellers a more environmentally friendly and cheaper way to dispose of their unsold inventory.

For more information on the fulfilled by amazon donations initiative visit Amazon online.

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