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There’s a Delightful Little Dutch Town That Has Streets Made Entirely of Water

When it comes to getting around your neighborhood or street, what if you had to use a boat to pop-in next door or visit a neighbor?

Well, that is what one village in the Netherlands has to do as they aren’t blessed with traditional paved streets, rather they have a cute waterway and canal system, which require boats to get around on.

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When it comes thinking about some of the most stunning, serine, and beautiful places to visit in the world, often times it is the likes of tropical islands in the pacific, vistas overlooking the great plains of Africa, volcanic landscapes of Iceland, or forestry escapes in the heart of South and North America, but we might have found another you need to see to believe.

In the town of Giethoorn, Netherlands, getting around is not quite as simple as stepping out and walking down the street.

Streets and paths in this Eastern Dutch town have been replaced by a cute canal system that operates like any other street, just instead of walking you have to use a boat.

giethoorn water streets

Giethoorn Tourism

Yep, to walk around town you have to climb aboard small boats and paddle to where you want to go.

The canal system, which is also a stunning trail popular with tourists to the region, stretches for 90km, weaving around homes, and is truly a picturesque and must-see setting.

Even the postman delivers all the mail to the 2,500 permanent residents by what is called a “punt” – a flat bottomed square-cut boat.

giethoorn water streets


Don’t worry if you don’t have a boat at hand, there are plenty of motorboats, paddle boats, paddle boards, and what the locals call “whisper boats” which are driven by electric motors, all available to rent.

There are a number of local hotels and Airbnb’s available to rent if you fancy visiting Giethoorn and the Giethoorn water streets.

For more information on the town of Giethoorn and the Giethoorn water streets visit Giethoorn tourism online.

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