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This New Digital Platform Connects Environmentally Conscious Consumers with Ethical Brands

As sustainable living, and embracing a far more environmentally friendly lifestyle, becomes increasingly important, this new online shop aims to pair conscious consumers with ethical brands.

Award winning designers, Byron and Dexter Peart, have revealed a new online platform Goodee, which is leading the charge in helping to connect consumers with brands who all having a strong social and environmental philosophy.

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goodee sustainability platform


The new sustainability-focused home is attempting to influence the vicious cycle of overconsumption and unnecessary waste, which is leading to untold environmental harm to the planet.

The online hub hopes to become the most trusted destination for people, products, and stories, which are are having a positive impact on the environment.

Each item available to buy on Goodee has been carefully vetted by their in-house sustainability team to ensure they’re ethically made and transparently sourced.

Sellers and brands must submit details of the materials used in their products, the supply chain, labour standards, ecological footprint, and business practices, before Goodee advertises the products.

goodee sustainability platform


The platform currently offers a wide variety of homeware products, along with fashion and cosmetic items.

Brands such as UK-based Haeckels, who produce bespoke cosmetic oils and creams, ecoBirdy, who make recycled plastic children’s furniture, Skageark, producers of Scandinavian homeware, plus a host of other ethical brands.

For more information on the Goodee sustainability platform visit Goodee online.

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