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Google Maps Latest Feature Aims to Make Sure People Never Get Lost Again

google maps live view

Google have revealed their latest iteration of their helpful Map application and it features a brand new service it hopes can solve all those irritating times people manage to get lost.

The new feature is called Live View and uses augmented reality to show users exactly where they are, which direction to walk in, and what is close by.

So, basically no more frustrating moments spent spinning around trying to figure out which way your lunch or dinner spot is, Live View will literally point the way.

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google maps live view


Launched on 8 August, Google Live View uses your phone’s camera, location data and visual information from Street View to stream a image direct to your device.

To use the new augmented reality feature, users simply hold up their device to their surroundings and select Live View to give a live stream of where they are, with giant directional arrows pointing them in the destination to their destination.

Think of it as a helpful guide, taking you through a city you aren’t familiar with.

To use the Google Maps Live View simply download the Google Maps application to your device from the Apple or Android store and get exploring new places.

For more information on the Google Maps Live View visit Google Maps online.

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