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Google Reveal a Master Plan to Create Sustainable, Smart Cities of the Future

google smart city

When it comes to creating a smart, high-tech utopia, Google have revealed a plan to build it – and it includes everything you can think of, plus a whole lot more.

Sidewalk labs, Google’s sister innovation company, released a draft outline of their master plan to transform 12 acres of unused waterfront in Toronto into a smart city of the future featuring everything from sustainable buildings, street designs, and a digital footprint.

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google smart city

Sidewalk Labs

As cities continue to expand, residents face a number of difficult challenges from longer commutes, higher house prices and rent, fewer opportunities, and overcrowding.

The Sidewalk Labs Google smart city vision is to build a climate-positive urban environment combining cutting edge technology to achieve a sustainable, affordable, mobile, and full of economic opportunity.

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Sidewalk Labs

The city could feature a mobility system that is safe and more convenient than private cars. Self-driving technology, point-to-point transit systems to help protect pedestrians, cyclists, bus or rail services, and enhancing street safety.

Homes and offices will be built using innovative construction methods and flexible building designs to help establish a new standard for sustainability and environmentally friendly urban landscapes.

Additionally, projects to help reduce energy consumption, landfill waste, and carbon emissions to help create a climate-positive neighborhood are also being planned.

Public spaces will put residents first, creating all-weather areas to help make parks and public spaces more comfortable, lively, and safe.

And it wouldn’t be Google without big data additions. The project will feature better connectivity, allow residents access to high-tech digital platforms, and encourage creation and collaboration.

The Sidewalk Labs Google smart city is a bold plan, but it could point the way to the future of urban town planning.

To view the entire plan for the google smart city visit Sidewalk Lab Toronto online.

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