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Haeckels Reveal All their Products Will Now Come in Zero-Impact, Sustainable Packaging

haeckles zero impact packaging

Sustainability and helping the environment is at the forefront of everyone’s minds today and Haeckels have revealed they’re doing their part by introducing zero-impact packaging for its complete range of products.

The Margate-based, luxury wellness brand recently announced a complete overhaul of all of their products and packaging, turning to more locally sourced and sustainable alternatives.

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More in-depth information coming as we go live tomorrow / but here’s a first look at our new #biocontributing packaging it’s taken some time the design process helped by @krown_design sampling different papers with @lanesprinters and also testing to ensure the growing process works, the result is a zero waste product which were extremely proud of a real team effect and one that will hopefully lead the way for others to follow – We want you to experience our products not be left with waste that’s a design flaw and our responsibility not yours – this packaging turns waste into a positive feeding soil quality as it will be helping biodiversity and the biosphere rather than fighting against. This packaging is a #seedbomb

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From today, Haeckles are introducing sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging to help reduce the impact of plastic waste and continued erosion of the environment.

Products such as the Dream GPS 23′ 5″N Candle, which evokes the scents of ceremonial gardens, smokey wood, with floral undertones, will now come enclosed in packaging made from fungal Mycelium – which can be thrown into gardens and will biodegrade within days.

haeckles zero impact packaging


The 100% biodecradable packaging is not a new invention, but is something Haeckles are keen to champion.

Mycelium is an all-natural material made using fungi fused with agricultural waste such as sawdust, flax and hemp husks. The all-natural material is then turned into packaging using moulds.

Recycled paper will also cover Haeckles zero-impact packaging with information on each product, and will even include seeds woven into the fabric of the paper, which once planted will grow flowers relating to each product.

For more information on the Haeckles zero impact packaging visit Haeckles online.

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