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These Countries Have Been Rated as the Happiest Places in the World for 2019

happiest countries 2019

There isn’t a soul in the world who doesn’t like being happy, it is what we search for in everyday life and for some it comes a lot easier than others according to new research.

Happiness for most is a very different, it can mean a number of different things to almost everyone. It is therefore a tough job attempting to quantify which country, or group of people, is the happiest, however there is an organisation well equipped in figuring out where the center of the happiness universe is.

The Happiness Research Institute have revealed their annual World Happiness Report, which charts dopamine levels across the globe and carefully examines just where the happiest people are located, and what exactly makes them so happy.

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happiest countries 2019


What might make life blissful in the city for some might be a complete nightmare for others who prefer the quiet life.

As with last year, the report includes 156 countries, ranked by how happy their citizens are related to their own lives.

This year, however, the ranking criteria also featured some changes. For 2019, the report focuses on happiness in the community – how happiness has evolved over the past 12 years – specifically focusing on technological changes, differing social norms, conflicts and politics.

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happiest countries 2019


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At the top of the rankings, Europe dominates with eight of the top ten – and five of these are Nordic countries.

The top ten in ascending order are: Austria, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, with the top spot going to Finland, for the second consecutive year.

Why are the Finnish the envy of those happiness searchers? The World Happiness Report suggests the 5.5 million residents of the Scandinavian country top most of the major categories.

The report focuses particularly on Finland’s generosity as a population, impressive GDP, freedom offered by its landscapes and social structure which is designed to benefit everyone.

To view the complete list rankings of the happiest countries in the world visit the World Happiness Report online.

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