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This Adorable Heatable Sloth Is All You Need This Winter

heatable sloth plushie

As the chilly winter months begin to close in, we have an adorable plush friend that could make those impending cold nights on the couch a whole lot more cosier.

The Heatable Sloth Plushie from Urban Outfitters is just the thing you need when the temperatures eventually plummet and your blankets aren’t quiet doing enough to keep you warm.

Not to mention they are very cute and cuddly looking.

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heatable sloth plushie

Urban Outfitters

Everyone loves a bit of extra warmth when it’s so cold you can’t even let your toes creep from under a blanket. What better way to get a little extra heat boost from everyone’s favourite – a cute and cuddly sloth.

With just a very quick zap in the microwave, these cute sloths are not only heated up and ready to keep you warm, but they’ll also fill the room with subtle notes of lavender to help soothe sore aches and pains.

The Heatable Sloth Plushie is priced at £9, with additional shipping costs to be added, and are available in-store or at Urban Outfitters online.

To view the Heatable Sloth Plushie, or other fun animal plushies, visit Urban Outfitters in-store or online.

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