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A Housebuilder Is Pledging to Install Hedgehog Highways to Help Offer Eco-friendly Environments for Animals

hedgehog highway
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National house builder Bovis Homes have announced they will be installing hedgehog highways to its developments in an effort to improve the environmental welfare of local animal habitats.

The housing developers revealed all of their existing developments, along with all future sites, will install highways for hedgehogs and other local animals to use and feel safe in as they travel around the local area.

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hedgehog highway

British Hedgehog Preservation Society

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Bovis have announced the move following a long campaign by wildlife author and ecologist, Huge Warwick, who demanded the house builder take better care, and more responsibility, of the natural surroundings and provide suitable care for the animals already living in the areas of their developments.

The UK house builder are working alongside the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to install the highways, which are simply holes surrounded by fenced barriers, to allow animals to travel between green spaces and wild areas. They also are signposted with fun plaques to let the public know what they are used for.

Bovis Homes have also pledged to donate £5,000 to the charity and offer further support of their initiative – the Hedgehog Street Project, which is aiming to encourage the public to make more space for hedgehogs, and other small animals, in their gardens and green spaces.

For more information on the Bovis Homes Hedgehog Highway project visit British Hedgehog Preservation Society online.

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