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Heineken Are Ditching Plastic Rings and Shrink Wrap In a Eco-Focused Makeover

heineken plastic ring removal
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Heineken have revealed they are set to remove all single-use plastic rings and shrink wrap from millions of its products, replacing them with eco-friendly alternatives.

After investing over £22 million into new technologies and production facilities in recent years, the Dutch brewers are now able to start rolling out sustainable changes across some of its most popular brands, which includes Heineken and Foster’s.

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heineken plastic ring removal


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The new sustainable can toppers and holders will replace the current plastic rings and shrink wrap – which have been proven to cause enormous damage to the local, national and international environments.

The toppers are made from recyclable cardboard and are strong enough to carry the weight of a six-can multipack.

By removing the single-use plastic rings and shrink wrap, Heineken could potentially remove over 517 tonnes of plastic waste from the UK environment.

The changes will first be rolled out across Heineken, Fosters and Kronenbough 1664, with other brands including Strongbow, Bulmer’s, Red Stripe and John Smith, to follow by the end 0f 2021.

The UK will be the first location of the brewer’s 190 worldwide markets to introduce the new eco-focused packaging scheme.

By introducing these eco-friendly materials into their products, Heineken believe they will also be able to cut their carbon emissions associated with producing multipacked cans by one-third.

For more information on the Heineken plastic ring removal scheme visit Heineken online.

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