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You Can Now Attend a Hendrick’s Afternoon Tea and Sip Gin from Teacups

© Bella Italia

If you’re looking for an afternoon tea with a difference then you need to discover this quaint experience featuring gin brand Hendrick’s.

Drinking gin from teacups. Is there anything more civilised and British sounding?

It may seem like a funny idea but you can now do it in public thanks to Bella Italia.

The Italian restaurant, which has over 100 restaurants across the UK, has started offering a Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic Afternoon Tea.


Your favourite tipple is served in a special Hendrick’s Gin teapot and sipped from Hendrick’s-branded teacups.

Along with the gin served in a teapot you’ll also get what’s offered in their Classic Afternoon Tea.

That includes fluffy mini pizza breads, Panescone – the Italian twist on the classic English scone – served with mascarpone cream and strawberry jam, plus mini desserts for a top-tier of sweet treats.

The cost for all this is a rather spiffing and splendid £30 for two people.

If you fancy recreating the experience at home you can get kitted out with your own cute Hendrick’s tea set.

You can buy direct from Hendrick’s or find some great deals on ebay.

The Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic Afternoon Tea is available to book at participating Bella Italia restaurants, priced at £30 for two people.

Make a reservation online here.

From: The Gin Kin 

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