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Up Your Home Gym Game With This Storage Solution Idea

higashi fushimi gym storage

Whether it’s dumbbells strewn across your living room floor, medicine balls cluttering up your bedroom or yoga mats rolled up and stuffed in a corner, it’s often difficult to maintain a home and workout area in the same space.

Creating that perfect workout area in a small home is a tall task, especially if your home lacks the room needed to fully commit to creating a stand alone gym. Your living area often ends up looking like a junk room, with random workout gear everywhere, rather than being a comfortable living environment.

Higashi Fushimi have managed to design a luxury workout storage solution, the Super Sports Grid, for those who don’t have the necessary space around the home to store all their gym equipment, while also freeing up some precious living space.

higashi fushimi gym storage

Higashi fushimi

The New York-based design firm have developed the interchangeable storage rack, which can hold home gym items including weights to yoga mats to medicine balls, and it doesn’t take up any extra floor space or turn your home into a cluttered mess.

How does it Work?

The wall-mounted grids are made from stunning brass and silver metal tubes.

The tubes are attached to an open wall and using neat and tidy detachable and interchangeable pegs, unique shelves can be created for various gym equipment to be stored.

The Super Sports Grid can also be used to hold general homeware items around the home. The grid can be put up in storage cupboards, utility rooms and other areas of the home where a decluttering solution could help.

The Super Sports Grid is priced at £66 and is available to order from Higashi fushimi online.

For more information on the Super Sports Grid visit Higashi fushimi online.

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