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An Interiors Brand Is Looking To Pay Someone £24k To Monitor Their Sleep

hillarys sleep professional
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Hillarys are on the hunt for someone to become a professional sleeper for a new research project on what exactly makes the perfect night sleep.

The blind and curtain specialists are looking to build on their existing range of bedroom accessories by hiring a “sleep executive” to help with research on how to create the ideal sleeping environment.

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hillarys sleep professional


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Getting the right amount of shuteye at night is essential to enjoying a productive and comfortable day.

Hillarys want to make sure they are providing blinds and bedroom accessories capable of creating that perfect sleeping environment.

The successful sleep candidate will be asked to travel to Nottingham, UK, where a controlled sleeping area will be set up for them to use throughout the experiment.

The snooze executive will be required to wear a sleep monitoring device that’ll determine how different conditions affect the quality of their rest over varied time periods.

The experiment will include a range of different blackout blinds and bedroom accessories aimed at testing various light and sound conditions. Once complete, the sleep executive will be asked to fill out a questionnaire for the Hillarys team.

To apply visit Hillarys online.

The role has a stated salary of £24k a year pro rata, which breaks down to £1,428.57 for a 15-day period.

For more information on the Hillarys Sleep professional visit Hillarys online.

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