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Hotel Chocolat Gin has arrived and it looks delicious

Hotel chocolat gin

Does the festive season get you in a mood to have all things chocolate? Or is it just us?

Triple gold star winner at the Great Taste Awards, Hotel Chocolat has revealed a new Cocoa infused gin just in time for Christmas and New Year.

Featuring tasting notes of cacao for a malty, toasted edge, while there are hints of juniper and coriander for high notes. To the finish, orange and grapefruit peel offer a zesty zing.

This delicious new gin will be a perfect companion during the coming winter months.

Pairing ideas

Truth be told, some pairings are made for each other.

Cocoa gin cries out for just a simple slice of orange over ice. It can also work wonders with tonic and plenty of ice, or sipped straight.

This gin delight is rooted in the same principle that sweeter citrus pairs perfectly with chocolate – and we agree.

Hotel chocolat ginChocolate gin alternatives

Hotel Chocolat also offers other gin related products.

The high street chocolatier produces gin truffles, perfect for stocking fillers, office gifts and a presents for gin and chocolate lovers this Christmas.

These delightful treats are made of a lively, floral gin, with plenty of juniper, sealed in dark chocolate.

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