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5 simple habits that will make you happier

Sometimes, it’s all too easy to expect that a boost in happiness will follow short-term ‘healthy habits.’  Whether it’s going to the gym, cutting out carbohydrates, or starting yoga, the intention is great, but life takes hold and things don’t work out as planned.


Yet these ongoing resolutions are often unobtainable long-term and are a trap we’ve all fallen into.

Instead, try something smaller and more realistic to boost your mood, body and spirit. A habit forms out of practice. It need only take a few mindful minutes each day and the little changes will quickly add up to ground you and improve your wellbeing. If you’ve ever wondered how to be happier, read on.

Visualize where you want to be

It sounds corny, but it really works; just ask professional athletes. If you’re working toward a goal, visualize in your mind how you’d like it to result. How will it look? How will it feel? What will have changed?

You can keep this visualization present and constant by surrounding yourself with pictures, quotes or other inspiration to illustrate the experience that you’re looking to create.

Surround yourself with positive people

how to be happier

Those around us can uplift us, inspire us and embolden us. If their mood is down, this has a natural impact on ours; and it’s imperative that we surround ourselves with those we love and those who empower and motivate us.

Life is short and whilst there is no need to begrudge or feel ill toward others, those who don’t make us feel great just don’t need time or effort dedicated to them in the same way those who do deserve!

Use positive words

Use positive and encouraging words when talking about yourself and your actions. Just like our actions need to be aligned with our values, the words we choose are indicative of our attitudes and thoughts.

If you catch yourself saying something negative, it’s OK to stop yourself and reframe your rhetoric. Did you misplace your keys? Don’t call yourself a name or put yourself down for forgetting. Would you do that to a friend? These things happen, you will remember next time. Be kind to yourself.

Write out your intentions

Similarly to visualizing your success, writing out and making your intentions can help give you a daily boost of motivation. Use affirmations to set the tone to your day and recall them as events around you unfold.

Taking hold of your feelings and mood and remaining aware of them is an invaluable skill, albeit not an easy one. Once mastered it’s something that will connect you better to yourself and any higher power you recognise.

When writing, use the present tense and keep things achievable. Even if you don’t achieve something one day, note it down, recognise it, and try again tomorrow.

Create space for self-care

Be it an hour’s meditation, a five-minute sit-down or just a few breaths before getting on with a task, be sure to allow yourself some time each day for self-care.

It will improve your mood, stabilise your intentions and boost your wellbeing. Anything is better than nothing – and you always deserve something.

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