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How to Save Money and Eat Healthily

While eating healthy is something we should all aspire to do, the reality is that it can become quite challenging to do so if you are on a tight budget. Recent trends show a growing focus on healthy eating. This has coincided with an increased coverage of healthy eating across online platforms, especially social media.

In addition, easy access to healthcare apps, fitness trackers and gadgets and calorie monitoring applications and tools have made it easier for consumers to watch what they eat. If you want to follow the healthy eating trends but are worried it’s too expensive, here are five tips on how you can eat healthily on a budget.

Plan and prep meals at the weekend ahead of a busy week

Prepping food in advance is overall a great idea, not just to ensure you don’t exceed your budget but also because it makes your healthy eating goals more attainable. Spend some time every weekend to plan your meals for the week.

Most people tend to be very busy Monday-Friday, so you want to make sure you have your meals planned and prepped before you get bogged down by your schedule, work deadlines, children, social activities, etc.

Planning and prepping in advance is a great way to both save time and money and to ensure you reduce expensive and unhealthy impulse buys.

Make sure your cupboards, fridge and pantry are organised

eat healthily on a budget

Most people think of this as a cleaning chore but believe us when we say that if your fridge and cupboards are in tip-top shape, your grocery bills will also follow suit. This way leftovers don’t get left over for days, vegetables don’t rot, and fruits are actually eaten.

Some people go so far as to label food containers with name and date so that they can use them in time. Similarly, keep your pantry well-ordered. Don’t stuff things in grocery bags and dump them there.

You won’t be able to eat healthily on a budget if canned food items and packaged goods get lost. You’ll soon forget what you bought a few weeks ago, and end up buying two more cans of the same item.

Shop at a farmers’ market

Photo by Jagoda Kondratiuk

Most communities today offer easy access to farmers’ markets. Not only can you get some really good bargains here but you will also have access to fresh and delicious vegetables and fruits.

Make a habit of buying fresh produce and doing it on a weekly basis so that you eat what you buy, you eat what is fresh, and you eat within your budget.

Replace processed foods with whole foods

Remember, your goal is to eat healthily on a budget. Processed foods do not provide you the nutrition you need. They are a quick fix that can create a long term problem.

In addition, most processed foods are much more expensive then unprocessed foods. That is why you should try and avoid boxed food items. Opt for whole foods instead. Focus more on proteins and healthy carbs.

Discounts, coupons and sales all help you save

Supermarkets and grocery stores tend to be very competitive. Many offer regular coupons, seasonal discounts and sales. Make sure you keep an eye out for bargains.

Sometimes, you can get commonly used items at very low prices. You can buy these items in bulk and maximise your savings. Buying with coupons online is another way to go and offers a great solution for buying food in bulk.

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