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A New Study Has Revealed Hugging Someone Actually Makes You Happier and Healthier

hug study

When it comes to living a happier and healthier life, it could be as simple as giving a hug a new study has revealed.

The University Carneigie Mellon embarked on a project to research the impact of hugs, and how they could potentially lead to a better sense of well-being and healthy relationships, and found interesting results that’ll have you giving out more daily hugs.

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The new study’s results won’t make you forget about your healthy eating, gym sessions, or embracing a positive mental attitude, but it will make sure you offer more bearhug embraces when meetings friends and family.

The research followed 404 adults and interviewed them every day for two weeks to get a sense of their relationship conflicts, happiness, and whether they received a hug a day or not.

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What was the result? The university discovered a simple hug can go a long way to completely changing the outlook of your day and general every day well-being.

A simple hug had a significant effect on mood, meaning it acted as a sort of arm-based buffer against bad vibes, creating a positive outlook and feeling, which had a large effect on how happy and healthy each day became.

Essentially, the research tells us to give more hugs, it’s good for you.

For more information on the study visit Carneigie Mellon online.

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