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IKEA Are Designing Homes That have Been Adjusted for People with Dementia and Other Age-Related Disabilities

ikea disability assisted homes

IKEA have revealed they’re partnering with their own innovative construction company to create safe and affordable housing for people diagnosed with dementia and other age-related disabilities.

The Swedish furniture giant and Skanska, their groundbreaking sustainable and affordable housing concept studio, are launching “Silviabo” – a collection of flat-pack, sustainable homes for people suffering with age-related disabilities.

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ikea disability assisted homes


From Japan to the UK, and United States, countries around the world are facing the reality of aging populations.

It’s estimated by 2040, nearly one in four people in the UK will be 65 years or older.

As populations continue to age, IKEA and Skanska are attempting to find a solution to help countries cope with these age increases, and offer homes for those populations to live in safe and comfortable environments.

ikea disability assisted homes


IKEA are using their modular home building concept, BoKlok, which has build over 11,000 sustainable and affordable homes across Europe, to create places for people who struggle with dementia and age-related disabilities to live.

The Silviabo modular homes, named after Queen Silvia of Sweden whose mother suffered from Alzheimer’s and is a supporter of the project, strip out all of the non-essential items, offering simple abodes with everything you need for a fraction of the cost.

The design tweaks for the Silviabo homes include; taking mirrors out of bathrooms and fitting kitchen appliances with old-fashioned knobs, rather than modern digital controls, and making each home safer and simpler with a number of helpful accessories.

The designs also emphasise embracing outdoors, featuring therapeutic garden clubhouses for socialising and interacting with others, essential activities studies have proven help those who suffer from age-related illnesses and disabilities.

So far, IKEA have built six pilot apartments just outside Stockholm and hope to expand their development.

The flatpack kings hope to also roll out a version of their BoKlok to newly retired 65-and above year olds, who do not suffer from disabilities.

For more information on the IKEA disability assisted homes, or other BoKlok ideas, visit IKEA or Skanska online.

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