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IKEA Are Wanting to Find Someone to Send on a Happiness Tour

ikea happiness search

If you’re in search of an inner happiness you never seem to find, IKEA are offering some help in finding that eternal smile with a trip to the happiest place on the planet – Copenhagen.

The flat-pack furniture kings are looking to send one lucky person on a two-week trip to the happiest country in the world, Denmark, to test out a theory that true happiness is actually found in the home.

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ikea happiness search

IKEA & Lonely Planet

The aim of the trip? To once-and-for-all find out what makes people in Scandinavia so happy, find a natural solution to help those who struggle with sadness or mental health issues, and if happiness does actually boil down to having the perfect home.

IKEA will send one lucky person to Copenhagen on a two-week, all expenses paid trip to the Danish capital.

The happiness searcher will be put up in a city center apartment fully-furnished with IKEA furniture favorites.

They will then be given guided tours, talks from locals, and given plenty of time to breath in all the happiness by exploring the city.

The end result will be to create a short documentary on the happiness findings, detailing what makes Danes and Scandinavians so happy. The documentary and sample video clips will be used across IKEA’s social channels and websites to help spread the happiness findings.

If you think you’re up to the task of finding the source of all happiness, applicants must be 18 or over, have a good level of the English language, and comfortable in front of the camera.

To apply upload a short one minute video why you think you’d be a good fir for the job to IKEA online.

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